Carole and Tuesday: Part 1 Review

Carole and Tuesday: Part 1 Review

Tuesday runs away from home to Alba City to pursue a music career. After some unfortunate events, she heard someone singing and playing an electric piano while walking on a bridge. This girl is Carole. This very moment sparked a friendship of two teenage girls who love to make music. They made the decision to begin their musical journey together as Carole and Tuesday.


Part 1 of the series follows Carole and Tuesday pursuing a music career. They gain exposure when Roddy, a music technician, records their performance when they snuck into a concert hall. After this performance, a former musician named Gus finds Carole and Tuesday to become their manager. From here, you see the ups and downs Carole and Tuesday go through to get the exposure needed to jumpstart their career. The audience watches how good Carole and Tuesday are together in creating music and developing a friendship that is meant to be.



Carole is originally from Earth but came to Mars at a young age. She lives by herself and works part time jobs to make ends meet. Unfortunately, she’s constantly getting fired. Her dream is to sing. Carole takes Tuesday in as a roommate after meeting in the bridge. She’s protective of Tuesday which shows how much she means to her. Carole is a sweetheart and not afraid to stick up for herself and Tuesday.


Tuesday is kind, gentle soul who feels like a outsider with her mother being a politician and her older brother attending Harvard University. Tuesday ran away from home with her guitar to pursue her music career. Tuesday is a shy, privileged girl who is experiencing the world with the help of her new friend Carole. Tuesday’s innocence is something to admire and it’s good to have a friend like Carole by her side.


Roddy is the A.I. engineer for DJ Ertegun. He’s responsible for recording and uploading Carole and Tuesday’s performance in the Immigration Memorial Hall. Roddy assists Gus with ways for Carole and Tuesday to gain exposure. He uses his connections from attempting to get the duo featured by DJ Ertegun to setting up their first live gig. Roddy is most certainly Carole and Tuesday’s first fan.


Gus is a former drummer for the rock band Lazy Sandwich. The band didn’t reach stardom but Gus has an eye for talent. Gus did discover an artist that had a little success. When he overheard Roddy’s video of Carole and Tuesday while drinking at a bar, Gus found them with Roddy’s help. Carole and Tuesday agreed to let Gus become their manager. Like Roddy, Gus uses his connections and old school ideas for Carole and Tuesday to gain exposure to the music world.


Angela is a model who has her eyes on a singing career. Angela displays behavior of a spoiled brat and diva. Despite her behavior, there’s another side of her that seems more gentle. Her mother/agent Dahlia sets up a meeting with a producer named Tao (who mainly produces music using A.I.) who decides to help Angela with her singing career. Tao’s unconventional techniques get Angela ready to make her singing debut.

Art and Animation

The animation for the performance during “Mars’ Brightest” is true to life. Each performer moves gracefully across the stage while competing for the top spot. Their movements encourages the viewers to move right along with the performer. Capturing Carole and Tuesday’s fingers while playing their instruments is precise. The music is a perfect match for the animation. With Shinichirō Watanabe’s involvement (he directed Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo), it’s a given that the music will get as much attention as the story and animation. Each song represents each performer’s personality and it’s another lesson in not judging a book by its cover.


Carole and Tuesday is a series that gained popularity this year. This shows that a series centered around music with a great story can be worth the watch. Part 1 was a magnificent start to a story about two girls pursuing a musical career together and the effect their music has on whoever listens. The journey continues in Part 2 premiering on December 24th on Netflix. See you for Part 2!

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