Marvel Anime: Blade Review

Marvel Anime: Blade

Blade is on a mission to find the vampire with four fangs. The vampire with four fangs is Deacon Frost. Frost is the vampire responsible for biting his mother when she was pregnant with Blade. Because of this bite, Blade became half human half vampire. This vendetta takes him across Asia. Along the way, Blade makes a new ally and reunites with old allies who help him along the way to lead him to Deacon Frost.


This story is told by using flashbacks and continuing through present day. The flashbacks explain how Blade became what other vampires call a daywalker. Since Blade is half human half vampire, sunlight does not effect him. The flashbacks also take you to Blade’s childhood, how he went from his birth name, Eric Brooks, to being known in the present as Blade and how he got his training to become a vampire hunter. These flashbacks were helpful to understand why Blade become who he is in the present day and why he wanted to kill Deacon Frost. Deacon Frost knew Blade was after him but Blade was only a small factor of accomplishing his own agenda. Frost was seeking his twisted form of justice but he needed Blade to live to make sure justice was served.



Born Eric Brooks, Blade endures the struggle of being half human half vampire. He became a vampire hunter to rid the Earth of vampires. Most importantly, his vengeance drives him to search and kill Deacon Frost. His character development is shown through flashbacks. The flashbacks provide a glimpse into Blade discovering who is and his training to become a vampire hunter that vampires fear.

Deacon Frost

Deacon Frost the protagonist of the story. He is the four fanged vampire who bit Blade’s mother and ultimately caused her death. Through flashbacks, we learn that Frost is a scientist. A heartbreaking event was the turning point of his mortal life. This event stirred him to become a vampire himself. Becoming a vampire and utilizing his scientific background was a drastic action for Frost to seek his own form of justice and vengeance.

Noah van Helsing

Noah van Helsing is Blade’s mentor. A flashback tells the story how Helsing met a young Blade and how he created a Retro virus serum hoping to cure people who were infected with the vampire virus. Instead, the serum suppressed Blade’s urges for blood. From there, he trained Blade to become a vampire hunter. In the present day, Helsing and his dog Razor aid Blade in his mission to find Deacon Frost.


Makoto is a vampire hunter alongside her father. They run into Blade at vampire nightclub where Blade first encounters Deacon Frost at the beginning of the series. Driven by vengeance against Blade for killing her father after he was bit by Deacon Frost, she follows Blade across Asia. After learning about Blade through Noah van Helsing, she becomes an unlikely ally to help Blade find Deacon Frost.

Art and Animation

It was pretty cool to see an anime of Marvel characters. The main thing that was especially great was seeing Blade look like an actual black man. Blade was not made to have large pink lips. He had full lips but not to the point where it could be seen as racist like Mr. Popo from the Dragonball series. Most of this series took place a night so the tone was dark. The blood moon was noticeable in the night scenes. There were only a few scenes in the daytime so that showed that Blade was indeed a daywalker.


Marvel Anime: Blade was entertaining and it was a good choice for an anime. There were some parts of the story that were unnecessary . There were other parts of the story that could have used more of an explanation like Deacon Frost and the High Council of the pure blood vampires. I give Marvel Anime: Blade a 6 out of 10. It could have been better but it was not awful. See you next time!


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