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A man called “Junk Dog” is a fighter who fights in fixed matches in the underground. After an encounter with the Megalo Boxing Champion, Yuri, “Junk Dog” is motivated to enter Megalonia which is a tournament for the best Megalo boxers in the world. Along with his trainer, Nanbu, and an orphan named Sachio, “Junk Dog” begins his journey to Megalonia in hopes to fight Yuri.


This story is about an underdog who knows he is better than throwing fights in the underground. He wants to show that he is better than where he is in Megalo Boxing. Megalo Boxing is boxing with Gear which enhances the fighter’s punches. “Junk Dog” finally meets his match when he meets Yuri. After Yuri challenges “Junk Dog” to fight him at Megalonia, “Junk Dog” becomes “Joe” and his three month journey to Megalonia begins. The story has a great amount of drama and action which will have the audience rooting for Joe and Team Nowhere to make it to the big event. Each character has their own reasons to reach Megalonia. As the story progresses, the audience will see if these reasons help or hurt the journey to the big event. The way the story ended was different and satisfying because questions are answered as fast as you begin to ask them.


“Junk Dog” aka Joe

Joe is the protagonist of the show. His past is a mystery but that does not take away from his present or future. His determination and focus is what makes his drive to be the best something to admire. Every time he is knocked down in and out of the ring, he will get back up. You cannot help but to be in Joe’s corner.


Yuri is the antagonist of the show. He is the Megalo Boxing Champion with Team Shirato. Yuri is the motivation behind Joe’s determination to make it to Megalonia. Yuri’s past is also a mystery but this also does not take away from what is happening in the present. Yuri is equally as motivated to fight Joe in the ring. He goes to extreme measures, including making a big sacrifice, to make sure he is at his best when it is time to fight in Megalonia.


Nanbu is Joe’s partner in the fixed matches in the underground. He turns into Joe’s trainer when Joe expresses his interest in entering Megalonia to fight Yuri. His past is explored with being a trainer and having his own boxing gym. His decisions cause him to be in the situation he is in at the present time. His decisions and bad habits still effect the present and he does pay a hefty price. Despite all of this, he believes in Joe and will stop at nothing to get Joe to Megalonia.

Mikio Shirato

Mikio Shirato is the second protagonist of the show. His sister, Yukiko Shirato, is the president of the company who is hosting Megalonia and the person behind Yuri’s Gear. Mikio had the most notable character development. He had something to prove to his sister, Yuri and Joe. Mikio was devious in his plans to prove his point. In the end, he will lend a helping hand to whoever needed his assistance and learns from his mistakes.


Sachio is an orphan who becomes the third member of Joe’s team, Team Nowhere. He has an impressive knowledge of Megalo Boxing and the Gear being used. The story does reveal how he became an orphan and how he gained the knowledge of Megalo Boxing. To be so young, he is the moral compass and the motivator of Team Nowhere.

Animation and Music








The animation and music of Megalo Box was just as incredible as the story. The animation gave you an old school feeling but it was still modern. At some times, I got the same vibes I would get watching one of the greatest anime ever, Cowboy Bebop. Joe resembles Spike Spiegel from his hair and the boots he wore during a match. The music has to be mentioned because there was a hip hop influence in the music. The hip hop influence went so well with the storytelling.


Megalo Box has become one of my favorite anime shows this year. The story is entertaining and enjoyable because we all love a story about an underdog going against all odds to make it to the top. It can be a rocky road getting to the top but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. The hip hop influence of the music gave it the extra bump of enjoyment. Megalo Box receives an 8 out of 10. See you next time!!


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